Clarissa & Lisa Go to Weihai!

Rob Vlosky - April 8, 2018

By Rob Vlosky

The RIT/Lancaster campus is about four years old and is already showing signs of old age. Many office doors have locks that were made in, well, China, and have serious issues like not locking or unlocking. My key freewheels in the lock as I hope for the tumblers to find home and either let me in at the beginning of the day or secure the space when I leave.

Rob Vlosky - March 28 & 29, 2018

By Rob Vlosky

So today I was teaching a module on resume writing to get my third year students sort of prepared for the post-graduation (next year) job hunt and graduate degree application process. These students are smart and many are going to apply for Master’s degree programs in countries outside of China or else begin the search internally for employment, mostly in their field of Management Information Systems.

BJTU Photo Gallery

By Rob Vlosky

Way High in Weihai

By Rob Vlosky

Repurposed from the Grand Forks...and Knives blog.

So, I made it safely to China on Saturday evening after about twenty hours of airport waiting and actual flying.  Landed at Weihai airport at about 9:30pm and luckily there was transport there for the RIT faculty that took us to our new apartments in Nanhai – New District.

Going to China!

By Rob Vlosky

Repurposed from the Grand Forks...and Knives blog.

Its been a while since my last posts, but in two weeks I am heading to China for two months of teaching Business Communications for Rochester Institute of Technology.  We have a campus in the town of Nanhai which is south of the city of Weihai in Shandong province, on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

There's No Place Like China

Eight jammed-packed and unforgettable days later, we’re about to head on home.

It feels like we just got to Beijing yesterday! But when I think back on all the things we managed to do in such a short amount of time, I realize just how much we actually did, and how much we all got to learn- from the lectures, business visits, and cultural trips, alike!

The Other Side of the Other Side of the World

I know I’ve said in my other blog posts that every day has been amazing, but that doesn’t even begin to describe today.

We started off the day like normal- wake up, get dressed, and get on the bus to head on down to our next visit. The first thing that was different, though, was that we got to wear casual street clothes rather than our business clothes. We didn’t really understand why until we arrived at our destination.

Buildings, Planes, and Goodbye Business Suits

Today had easily some of the best visits of the week!

While we didn’t get to do any tourist stops since the remaining attractions were closing early, we still ended up having a good day! Instead of doing our usual hotel breakfast, a lot of us went down the road a little ways to a small fruit stand on campus. There was also a crepe stand right next to it, so by the time we left some of us had pineapple, crepes, and a coconut to drink out of. It was a nice change of pace, and it had a good, local feel to it! 

Just Keep Bargaining

This was the first day this week that we all actually got to sleep in. In fact, some of us managed to sleep all the way until 8am! I haven’t felt so rested in a long time.