Your Community

At Saunders College, you are a part of a close-knit community that delivers the personal attention you deserve. Not to mention a network that offers the vast resources RIT has as a leading technology university. High faculty-to-student ratios mean professors get to know you by name and care about your career success.

Support Network

As member of the Saunders community at RIT, you get dedicated undergraduate and graduate advisors who are there to coach you throughout the pursuit of your business degree. There are many helpful tools and resources found within our Community Resource web pages. As well as a full events calendar that puts you in touch with your peers through networking experiences and internationally known business leaders by way of our guest speaker events.

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Faculty Expertise

Professors at Saunders College get to know their students by name and take a personal interest in their career success. A high faculty-to-student ratio allows Saunders to deliver small class sizes and a commitment to applied learning. It’s a dynamic that also ensures faculty teach all courses, not teaching assistants.

Get to know your professors and their interests and research areas by visiting our faculty directory.

Enterprising Culture

As part of RIT, Saunders College excels at creating an enterprising culture where students turn their curiosities into action. Through a powerful curriculum that allows students to take majors, minors as well as electives across all RIT colleges, you are able to pursue your passions and bring your creativity to life unlike any other place. This allows you to tap into disciplines that complement your business focus. You’ll build a support network of students and faculty for you that will last through your degree program and into your career. This also allows business students to meet students from other programs, which have opted to take business courses and minors.

Events such as Imagine RIT and activities at the centers like the Simone Center facilitate an innovative ecosystem. It’s one that supports your ideas and connects you with students of diverse interests who share the goals you wish to accomplish. Student clubs and student competitions offer opportunities to sharpen your areas of interest. You’ll experience unique ways to engage with venture capital experts, industry experts, alumni coaches, judges and mentors.

Global Access

RIT Global campuses, study abroad options, and an international network of Saunders and RIT alumni extend your community around the globe. Nine RIT colleges and a diverse student body delver greatness through difference with a rich offering of academic disciplines, along with a wide array of international and ethnic cultures

Saunders Life

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