The Saunders Peer Mentorship Program

The Saunders Peer Mentorship Program assists incoming business students to become acclimated to the Saunders College of Business & RIT’s campus, for a strong and successful start to their college careers. Through our one-on-one Mentor/Mentee Program, the incoming students will learn from their upperclassmen regarding their experiences from Co-op, Study Abroad, and Student Life. The program encourages the incoming business students to build relationships from experienced role models such as their peers, faculty, and alumni, who will encourage and motivate them to achieve their career goals. Mentors and Mentees are expected to meet a minimum of once a month from August - November and attend 2 Program Community events for the Fall Semester.

Who are our Mentors?

Our Mentors are a team of experienced upperclassmen from all different majors at Saunders who act as role models for the incoming business students. They assist them with any questions and concerns the students might have about The Saunders College of Business, student life, clubs, majors, minors, immersions, co-ops, and career paths.

Who are our Mentees?

Our Mentees are our incoming business students ranging from first years, second years, and transfer students. As a Mentee they will have the opportunity to attend networking events with peers and faculty and to meet with our great alumni community, who were once in their shoes!