Academic Department Chairs and Program Directors

Academic Department Chairs and Program Directors provide academic leadership for program development and management. Their expertise in their fields help facilitate partnerships with industry to deliver opportunities and market relevance that help ensure success of all Saunders community members. Visit our Academic Departments in our Faculty & Research pages for more details on each of the areas covered below.

Department Chairs

Finance & Accounting Department

“Finance and accounting professionals, especially those with recognized certifications such as the CPA and CFA, have great career opportunities, in lucrative positions with very high-end potential, in every industry. At RIT, Saunders finance and accounting students are prepared to obtain professional certifications, while getting an edge in technology skills that employers seek, leading to rewarding careers, with great pay, in positions that are in very heavy demand.”

Interim Department Chair and Associate Professor
International Hospitality & Service Innovation Department

"International Hospitality and Service Innovation is simply an amazing place with great people and resources! At the intersection of technology, people, and services, this unique and powerful combination of hospitality, tourism, leadership, human resources, and innovation puts you in a leading position to drive the next generation of business success."

Director of MBA Program
Management Department

“Success in today’s business environment requires a knowledge of technology, leadership skills, entrepreneurial thinking, and global awareness. By combining cutting-edge research, expertise, and an inter-disciplinary curriculum, students are prepared to be innovative problem solvers and leaders in the fields of technology, innovation and supply chain."

Principal Lecturer
Interim Department Chair and Principal Lecturer
MIS, Marketing, & Analytics Department

“There is an explosion of interest in big data and business intelligence, precisely where marketing and MIS intersect. Employers seek our graduates who deliver unique skill sets to excel in this needed capacity. This is an amazing time to be in this area.”

Department Chair and Associate Professor
Department Chair and Professor

Program Directors

Master of Business Administration

“A Saunders MBA opens the door to endless opportunities by leveraging the vast resources of RIT that uniquely combine business and technology. Our faculty possess industry experience and conduct cutting-edge research while putting a premium on applied learning. A high faculty-to-student ratio allows faculty, advisors, and mentors to get to know you, offering you personal attention and caring about your career success.”

Associate Professor
MS in Accounting and Analytics

“The MS in Accounting program is tailored for students with an undergraduate accounting degree interested in greater accounting specialization in route to qualifying for the CPA exam. Students with no prior accounting experience may also enter this program to pursue an exciting new career focused in accounting. The curriculum develops critical student knowledge and skills built around technology employers seek and RIT is uniquely able to deliver.”

Interim Department Chair and Associate Professor
MS in Business Analytics

“The Business Analytics program is a natural extension of our top ranked Management Information Systems program, and is bolstered by our partnership with the RIT College of Science. This program sets up a platform spanning multiple disciplines. Employer demand has helped make this our fastest growing and largest program, attracting the world’s top companies and our graduates’ highest salaries. Our attention to your success has built a strong alumni network within the field, and best positions our students for placement in this booming career field.”

MS in Finance

“The analytical, deductive nature of the program creates financial professionals who can adapt to dynamic changes in the deregulated financial industry and its dramatic growth in investment options. Its courses prepare students to sit for the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.”

MS in Global Supply Chain Management

"The global landscape of business competition in the 21st century will be dominated by firms that invest in supply chain excellence, and who hire experts who know how to design, analyze, and manage interconnected networks of firms. As the internet has broken down national boarders for consumers, supply chains of the future need to be responsive to these demands. Succeeding in this brave new world requires data-driven, analytical, supply chain professionals to know how to solve complex problems, and design practical solutions."

Program Director and Assistant Professor
MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

"Here, at the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, you will find all the tools you need for a successful career whether you choose to be involved in the food, lodging or wine industry, event planning and management, or want to establish your own hospitality business."

Associate Professor
(585) 475-2355
MS in Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

“You will experience a program that gives you opportunities to work on cutting-edge new venture creations while connecting with students and expert resources in science, technology, engineering and art disciplines found only at RIT. Your startup interest and experience are enhanced through real-life business exposure on a campus offering a top rated entrepreneurship culture; guided by faculty and industry mentors possessing successful entrepreneurship experiences.”

Program Director and Assistant Professor