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Tutoring in Accounting, Finance, and Microsoft Excel

Spring 2015 Schedule




Nick Bucci
Carmen Carbone
Mike Hayes
Chris Kang
Shreyas Pradhan
Tylre Riedinger


9-10 AM Shreyas Pradhan Tylre Riedinger Shreyas Pradhan Tylre Riedinger
10-11 AM Carmen Carbone Tylre Riedinger Carmen Carbone Tylre Riedinger
11 AM-12 PM Carmen Carbone Tylre Riedinger
(until 12:15 pm)
Carmen Carbone Tylre Riedinger
(until 12:15 pm)
12-1 PM Carmen Carbone Chris Kang
(starting at 12:15 pm)
Nick Bucci Chris Kang
(starting at 12:15 pm)
1-2 PM Nick Bucci Chris Kang Nick Bucci Chris Kang
2-3 PM Nick Bucci

Mike Hayes

Nick Bucci Mike Hayes
3-4 PM Shreyas Pradhan Mike Hayes Shreyas Pradhan Mike Hayes



Tutoring services are located in Ross Hall, Building 10, Room A180.



For questions on the tutoring schedule or services for Accounting, Finance, and Microsoft Excel, please contact Peter Rosenthal at