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Course Projections

While these listings are updated often, please consult RIT's Information Access Center (Infocenter) for official course listings. All listings subject to change without notice.

Saunders College of Business Course Projections

D = Day        E = Evening      O = Online
Course Number Course NameFall
0101301Financial Accounting D/E D/E/O D D
0101302Management Accounting D/E D/E D/E/O E0101-301
0101345Accounting Information Systems E D E 0101-301
0101408Financial Reporting and Analysis I D D  0101-301 and 0101-302; Junior Status
0101409Financial Reporting and Analysis II  D D 0101-408, 0104-350 and Junior Status
0101431Cost Accounting D  D D0101-301, 0101-302, 0104-350, 1016-319
0101494Cost Accounting in Technical Organizations  E  Junior Status
0101522Personal and Small Business Taxation D  D 0101-301, Junior Status
0101523Advanced Taxation  E  D0101-522
0101530Auditing D   D0101-409
0101540Advanced Accounting  E  E0101-409, Junior Status
0101550Financial Accounting and Reporting Issues D  D E0101-409
0101554Seminar in Accounting
20122 -- Forensic and Fraud Accounintg
  D  0101-301, Junior Status
0102250The World of Business D D/E D/E 
0102260Business 1: Ideas and Creativity D   
0102265Business 2: Business Plan Development  D  0102-260
0102305Careers in Business D/E D/E D/E Sophomore status
0102310Air Force Management and Leadership I E   ROTC
0102311Air Force Management and Leadership II   E ROTC
0102320Organizational Behavior D/E D/E D/E DSophomore standing
0102415Digital Entrepreneurship D  D Junior Status
0102421Design Thinking and Concept Development D D D Junior status
0102438Business Ethics D/E D D/E D
0102455Human Resources Management E D/E E E0102-320, Junior Status
0102460Leadership in Organizations  E D 0102-320
0102490Entrepreneurship D/E D D Junior Status
0102507Business, Government and Society D D E ESenior Status
0102530Managing Innovation and Technology D D D/E Junior or Senior Status or permission of instructor
0102536Organizational Performance and Design    E0102-320
0102545Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization  D D Permission of instructor
0102547Field Experience in Business Consulting   E Junior Status and 0102-490 or permission of instructor
0102551Strategy  D/E D/E D/E E0102-320, 0104-350, 0105-363, 0106-401, Senior Status
0102554Seminar in Management
20122 -- Small Business Management (Non-SCB)
20124 -- Developing Corporate Sustainability Plans
20124 -- Technology Commercialization
20124 -- Sustainable Small Business: Croatia
  D  DDepends upon topic.
0104220Personal Financial Management D/E/O D/E D/E O
0104350Corporate Finance D D/E D/E D0511-402, 1016-319, 0101-301, second quarter of sophomore year or higher
0104359Financing New Ventures   E 
0104361Financial Institutions and Markets  D  D0104-350
0104452Managing Corporate Assets and Liabilities D D D D0104-350
0104453Intermediate Investments D  D 0104-350
0104460Financial Analysis and Modeling D  D 0104-452
0104504Finance in the Global Environment D D D 0104-350, junior status
0104505Advanced Corporate Financial Planning  E  0104-452
0104520Introduction to Options and Futures D  D 0104-350, Junior Status
0105363Principles of Marketing D/E/O D/E D/E DSophomore Status
0105440Internet Marketing D/E D D E0105-363
0105442Search Engine Marketing and Analytics D  D/E 0105-440
0105505Buyer Behavior D D E O0105-363
0105520Advanced Internet Marketing   D 0105-440, 0105-442
0105550Marketing Management  D D 0105-363, prior or concurrent registration with 0105-551, Senior Status and one completed block of co-op
0105551Marketing Metrics and Research D D D 0105-363, 1016-320
0105554Seminar in Marketing
20123 -- Social Media for Marketing Communication
20122 -- Managing the Social Brand
  D D 0105-363, Junior Status
0105559Professional Selling D D D 0105-363, Junior Status
0105560Advertising and Promotion Management D  D E0105-363
Decision Sciences
0106401Operations & Supply Chain Management D D/E D DA basic course in statistics
Business Legal Studies
0110319Legal Environment of Business D D D 
0110320Commercial Law   E 0110-319
Management Information Systems
0112270Business Software Applications D/E D/E D/E D
0112285Business 3: Commercialization   D 0102-265, 0112-270
0112300Business Computer Applications    D
0112312Building a Web Business  D  
0112315Business Information Systems Processes D D  
0112325Applying Business Technologies D D E Prior business and spreadsheet coursework.
0112331Developing Business Applications D  D 
0112340Database Mangement Systems D D D 
0112370Systems Analysis and Design D D  
0112390Emerging Business Technologies D  D 
0112410Advanced Systems Analysis and Design   D 0112-370, Junior Status
0112430Web Systems Development  D  0112-331 ,0112-340
0112440Database Systems Development   D 0112-340 or equivalent
0112450Enterprise Systems  D  0112-370
0112525MIS Capstone  D D Completion of all other MIS courses required for the major, senior status
0112554Seminar in MIS E   
International Business
0113310Global Business: An Introduction D/E D D/E D/E
0113400Managing in the Global Environment D E  0113-310; 0102-320; Junior Status
0113430Global Business: Special Issues  E D 0113-310, Junior Status
0113450Marketing in the Global Environment  D D 0105-363, Junior Status
0113500Strategy in the Global Environment  D D 0113-310, Senior Status
All listings subject to change without notice.