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Course Projections

While these listings are updated often, please consult RIT's Information Access Center (Infocenter) for official course listings. All listings subject to change without notice.

Saunders College of Business Course Projections

D = Day        E = Evening      O = Online
Course Number Course NameFall
0101703Accounting for Decision Makers D/E/O D/E E E
0101704Corporate Financial Reporting I  E  0101-703
0101705Corporate Financial Reporting II   E 0101-704
0101706Cost Management  E  0101-703
0101707Advanced Accounting  E  D0101-705 or equivalent
0101708Auditing D   E0101-705
0101709Basic Taxation D  E 0101-703
0101710Advanced Taxation  E  D0101-709
0101722Advanced Cost Management   E 0101-706 or permission of instructor
0101738Information Systems Auditing and Assurance Services  E  0101-708 or equivalent
0101745Accounting Information Systems E  E 0101-703
0101758Seminar in Accounting
20112 -- Forensic and Fraud
20112 -- EHS Accounting
  D/O  Depends on topic
0101794Cost Accounting in Technical Organizations  E  MM&L, PD21 students only
0101795Financial Accounting Theory and Research   E 0101-705 or equivalent
0102070Professional Skills Seminar I D   
0102071Professional Skills Seminar II  D  
0102710Managing for Environmental Sustainability   E None
0102720Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation E D E 
0102735Strategic Management of Technological Innovation E E D OCompletion of four graduate business courses.
0102740Organizational Behavior & Leadership D/E/O D/E/O D/E E
0102741Managing Organizational Change E  E 0102-740
0102742Technology Management E E E 
0102745Social and Political Environment of Business  E  None
0102750Human Resource Management    0102-740
0102753Field Experience in Business Consulting   E 0101-603, 0104-721, 0105-761
0102756Power and Influence    E0102-740
0102758Seminar in Management
20113 -- Negotiations
20111 --
 D  E Depends on topic
0102759Competitive Strategy D/E E D/E EAll other required core courses.
0102761Managing Research & Innovation D E D 0102-742 or 0102-735 or permission of instructor.
0102762Managing New Process and Product Development   E 0102-742 or 0102-735 or permission of instructor.
0102763Behavioral Skills for Managers & Professionals D   E0102-740 (no prerequisite for joint MS in Manufacturing Management and Leadership
0102765Applied Venture Creation  D  Faculty permission is required. Prerequisite contingent on project and team mix. See a SCB graduate advisor for details.
0102770Business Research Methods   E 0106-782 or equivalent
0102775Business Ethics  E  E
0102794Innovation Management Capstone Preparatory   D Four Program classes and permission of Program Director; Co-req Three additional Program classes
0103705Economics For Managers D/E O E E0106-066 algebra or equivalent
0103711Microeconomics  E  0103-705 or two econonmics courses, microeconomics, macroeconomics with a grade of B or better
0103712Macroeconomics    E0103-705 or two previous economics courses: microeconomics and macroeconomics with a grade of B or better
0104721Financial Analysis for Managers D/E D/E/O E Eco-requisites: 0101-703, 0106-782
0104722Financial Management II  D E E0104-721
0104725Securities and Investment Analysis E D D 0104-721
0104732Portfolio Management    0104-721
0104740Options and Futures E  D 0104-721
0104742Financial Modeling & Analysis   E 0104-721,0104-725 co-requisite:0104-722
0104744Innovation in Financial Markets & Securities E  E 0104-721,0104-725 co-requisite:0104-740
0104760Finance in a Global Environment  E  Eco-requisite:0104-721
0105761Marketing Concepts D/E D/E E O
0105762Advanced Marketing Management   E 0105-761
0105763Buyer Behavior E   0105-761, corequisite 0106-782
0105767Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications    E0105-761
0105771Marketing Research Methods   E 0105-761, 0106-782 or equivalent
0105772Internet Marketing: Strategy and Tactics  E  0105-761
0105775Business - to - Business e-Marketing   E 0105-761
0105776Product and Brand Management E E  0105-761
0105778Commercialization and Marketing of New Products  E  0105-761
Decision Sciences
0106743Operations and Supply Chain Management E E E O0106-782 or equivalent
0106744Project Management E E E ENone
0106745Quality Control & Improvement  E  0106-782 or equivalent
0106749Manufacturing Strategies & Tactics   D 0106-743 or equivalent
0106782Statistical Analysis for Decision Making D/E E O E0106-066, statistics or equivalent
Business Legal Studies
0110730Business Legal Concepts  E  None
0110731Commercial Law   E 0110-730 or equivalent
0110745Legal and Ethical Issues in Technology Intensive Environments  E  None
Management Information Systems
0112711Managing Service Systems    
0112712Service-Oriented Information Systems  E  
0112725Data Management   E 
0112755Information Technology Strategy and Management   E 
0112760Integrated Business Systems E   
0112761Business Process Analysis and Workflow Design   E 0112-760
International Business
0113710Global Business Environments E   
0113730Managing in a Global Environment   E 0102-740
0113750Marketing in a Global Environment   E 0105-761
0113780Global Issues & Strategies    0113-710
All listings subject to change without notice.