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Student Resources

Whether you are a current or prospective student of the Saunders College of Business, please take advantage of the information and many references available here, and on our Saunders Student Services @ RIT Facebook Group.

Undergraduate Students

Prospective undergraduate students (freshman and transfer) should inquire today to get more information!

The Saunders College is committed to providing advising services throughout a student's academic program. Once enrolled, Undergraduate Students will be assigned to three types of advisors who will be able to assist them in various ways. Each advisor comes into a student's academic life at different times, but you would be missing a lot if you do not get to know and use all three. They are:

1. Academic Staff Advisor

Assists with administrative support, registration, records, scheduling, referrals to other RIT resources and units and general advisement.

2. Faculty Advisor

Available for questions about courses for their major, and is an integral part of the cooperative education process, career assessment and planning parts of a student's life. Faculty advisors are assigned once a student enrolls in the Saunders College of Business and will be a member of the academic department that hosts the student's major. If you need to find out who this person is, and where their office is located, feel free to stop by the Student Services Office.

3. Co-op & Career Services Advisor

Assists with resume, interviewing skills, co-op and placement planning and process. Meet the Co-op advising office staff.

Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Business Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Graduate Programs, to schedule an appointment.

Current Graduate Business Students may contact Quinn Karley for academic advising questions and issues.

All graduate students will have many opportunities throughout their program to interact with the faculty, staff, and deans of the College in the form of workshops, informal receptions, and their academic coursework.

Also, the Office of Graduate Studies is available to help faculty and graduate students succeed in their programs of study, research and creative endeavors. We also look forward to helping graduate students develop novel partnerships among ourselves as well as with the community and the private sector. Throughout the year, the Office of Graduate Studies sponsors workshops on career preparation, teaching and grant writing for both students and faculty.

Graduate Student Business Cards

We are pleased to inform you that graduate students who are in good academic standing at RIT may now order official business cards with the RIT logo and standard template. If you wish to order business cards, please complete the form which will be reviewed by the Saunders College Graduate Office for accuracy. The college will cover the cost for your first order of 100 cards. If you wish to order additional cards, you will be charged for the cost of printing the cards.

Please note that all orders for business cards will be handled through the college. Orders will be placed once per semester, typically at the end of the third week of the semester. If you miss the deadline, your order will be processed the following semester. You should not attempt to order cards directly from the HUB.