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Management Information Systems

What is MIS?

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the discipline which focuses on the management of information and communications technology elements within business organizations.

Specifically, MIS places distinct emphasis on the three core facets through which an organization processes information - people, processes, and information technologies. Accordingly, students who enroll in the MIS program learn to design, build, implement, and manage information systems that will support the information processing needs of an organization

The Saunders MIS program is oriented toward the design of systems that will improve an organization's operational efficiency, add value to existing products, engender innovation and new product development, enhance or add new features to distribution channels and other elements of commercial systems, support collaboration of distributed teams, and help managers make better decisions. Typically, this focus involves the use of advanced information and communications technologies. This interdisciplinary program is ranked #10 nationally by USA Today, and ranked #14 among 123 undergraduate business school MIS programs by Bloomberg Businessweek. Learn about other top rankings and recognition received from Bloomberg Businessweek.

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MIS is an ideal field of study for individuals who enjoy both working with contemporary information technologies and interacting with others who reflect a diverse range of skills and experiences.