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The Biz 1+2 Freshman Experience

Intro to the Biz 1+2 Program

Students at Saunders College of Business embark
on their business education from day one, laying the foundation early for successful careers. Not every business school can match that.

Beginning on the first day of classes, Saunders freshman students are immediately enveloped in the The Biz 1+2 Freshman Experience, an approach unique to Saunders that is designed to get incoming studentsí education off to a fast start. Students are enrolled into select fundamental business courses in their first year that will expose them to the central elements of entrepreneurship and provide an introduction to all the functional areas of a business in the process.

While many other business schools require general education courses in the first years, Saunders students develop a solid business foundation on which they will build upon and refer to throughout their business degree program.

Our students can say it best:

Saunders students get a hands-on education through applied-learning that starts on day one. This is what sets Saunders apart. Check back for updates throughout the semester for more details on the Biz 1+2 Program at Saunders College of Business.

Upcoming in the series:
  • The Saunders cohort model focused on teambuilding and establishing an open forum for discussion
  • Dedicated faculty and staff coordination to ensure all students are on track for success
  • Invaluable RIT resources to support the entrepreneurial culture
  • Exposure to career opportunities via speaker series and team exercises
  • Culmination of Biz 1+2: The business plan from concept to commercialization