RIT MBA – Technology Management Concentration

In a constantly changing environment, the ability of an organization to innovate and renew itself is critical if it is to survive and prosper. Technology managers, who typically are responsible for the innovation and application of new technology, are central to the long-term strategy and success of their companies. To manage these processes well, managers need to understand both business and technological perspectives. Students pursuing a specialty in technology management at our business school will experience a co-op or internship experience in high-technology settings.

Curriculum for RIT MBA - Technology Management Concentration

Required Course:
  0102‑742   Technology Management    
Choose one or both of the following:
  0102‑761   Managing Research & Innovation    
  0102‑762   Managing New Process And Product Development    
If both courses directly above are taken, choose one course from the following; otherwise choose two:
  0102‑741   Managing Organizational Change    
  0110‑745   Legal And Ethical Issues In Technology Intensive Environments    
  0105‑776   Product And Brand Management    
  0106‑744   Project Management