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EMBA Program FAQ's

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When do classes meet?

Classes meet every other Friday and Saturday for 15 months.  Class starts at approximately 7:45 a.m. and finishes at 4:45 p.m. with 45 minutes for lunch.  Over the duration of the program, students will take one online course per semester.  Online courses are 6 weeks in length and are taken in conjunction with one face-to-face course.  During these 6-week sessions students are only required to be on campus every other Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, as opposed to all day both days.

Is there any time off?

There is one three-week break built into the program which occurs near the holiday season in December.  However, you will still be expected to complete assignments during this break but class will not be held.

What if I have to miss class for work?

We strongly suggest that you schedule your business travel for days that class is not in session.  However, if it is necessary to miss class due to extenuating circumstances, you will be expected to obtain all the notes, handouts and assignments from one of the members of your team.  You are also expected to let your team members and professors know in advance if you will be missing class.

How many classes will I be taking at a time?

You will be taking 4 classes at a time with the exception of when you take an online course. Online courses are taken in a 6-week format and will be taught in conjunction with only one on campus course.

How many hours outside of class should I plan for assignments?

Everyone learns at a different pace, but typically executives put in an additional 20-25 hours/week outside of class to complete assignments and meet with their team.  Toward the end of the program, more time may be required to complete the Capstone project.

Do I need to take the GMAT or GRE test to be admitted to the EMBA Program?

No.  We require no formal testing to be considered for the EMBA program.  You will be asked for your transcripts for your undergraduate degree and two letters of recommendation will also be required with your application.

What experience is required to enter the program?

A minimum of six to seven years professional business experience is required to enter the program.  This requirement is in place to insure that the class participants have the background to discuss and participate in the business issues brought to light within the class and during assignments. 

Where will I go on the international trip?

We are always looking at the global environment to determine a location where students can see some of the latest developments in technology, globalization, and innovation.  We have gone to the Czech Republic, Dubai, Italy, Germany, China, Chile, Turkey and Vietnam in the past.  Each class will be analyzed separately to determine the best location based on the ever changing global economy.

How is the billing done?

RIT’s billing is done on a semester basis.  The total cost of the program is divided by the 4 semesters the program is in session and those bills are sent out at the beginning of each semester.  If other billing arrangements are required, we can work that out before you begin the program.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available for incoming students. They range from $2,000 to approximately $15,000 in total for the program.  Other scholarships may also be available for various students.

Is other financial aid available?

Yes, RIT has an excellent Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships that will assist you in securing student loans to assist you in financial matters.

How will I get my books?

All books and materials required for the classes are included in tuition and will be distributed to you in digital format before the course begins.  You do not need to go to the bookstore on campus unless you need something personal.

Where will I park?

Parking passes will be distributed before your first trip to campus.  There is no cost to you for the parking pass for the duration of the program.  You will be given general parking passes which will allow you to park in non-reserved lots throughout the campus. Your parking pass will be good for one academic year.  The same process will be repeated for the second year.  After that, you can obtain an alumni parking pass.

Do I have access to other RIT facilities while I am in the program?

Yes.  You have access to all RIT facilities while you are in the program and after successful completion of the program.  This includes the library, bookstore, student athletic facility, RIT events, and the campus in general.

Can I access my business email from the RIT campus?

Yes, however we strongly encourage you to disconnect from the office while you are in class to fully gain the benefit and participation of the subject matter.  You will be given access via your own laptop through the RIT secured network beginning on the first day of class.  In addition, you will be given access to RIT restricted student learning systems necessary for the classes you will be taking.

Can I take a conference call from the RIT campus?

Yes.  Although we strongly discourage any type of business calls except during breaks and lunch, we would assist you if the conference call was urgent.  We could provide you with a quiet location as long as we were informed in advance.

What if I start the program and find I cannot finish it?

Each student is different and at times, personal situations arise that can make learning difficult.  On an individual basis, we will work with you to determine in the best path forward.  It may include moving to a part-time MBA program, transitioning into the Online Executive MBA program, taking a leave of absence, or waiting for another on campus Executive MBA cohort to start up.

Will I ever see my family and friends while I am in the program?

Yes.  You need to inform your family and friends that you will be taking a rigorous Executive MBA program for the next 15 months and your time will be very limited in terms of social activities.  However, with enough time to plan, you can attend many functions.  Some students have been known to always keep reading assignments handy so that any time spent waiting can be put to effective study time. 

How can I get my family and friends supporting me as I go through this program?

Past students have found that tying your success to them is a good way to keep the support going.  Perhaps a dinner at the end of the semester might be a good start.  Other students have promised their family/friends a large celebration at the end of the program which included a vacation trip. 

As the program first kicks off, your spouse/significant other will be invited to a dinner.  At that dinner, we have past spouses and students talk about their experiences while they were in the program.  This typically helps to set the framework for expectations throughout the program.

How can I get my manager to support taking off every other Friday?

Most students have found that if they approach the time off with the focus on the benefits of an MBA to the company the conversation moves in the right direction.  By indicating that you will continue to complete your work and will be available for emergencies, most managers are supportive.  You may also want to indicate that you will also be putting in your own personal time all day Saturday (as well as additional study time outside of class).  Some students have worked an agreement to take vacation time for class time although this is rare.

What are some of the intangible benefits I will realize through the EMBA program?

You will not only learn new business theories but you will increase your confidence, writing ability, presentation/speaking skills, leadership awareness, teamwork abilities, and network through faculty, staff, and classmates.

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