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Capstone Projects

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The application can be downloaded here.

Please submit your application via email to, or by fax 585-475-7055 ATTN: EMBA CAPSTONE.

About the Process

The Saunders College of Business Executive MBA Capstone is a 24-week project completed by a team of three or four Executives during the final two quarters of their program.  Depending on the size of the class, anywhere from five to seven projects might be completed during each capstone cycle.  There are three cycles each year: one in our onsite program; and two in our online program.

Project applications are submitted throughout the year and are reviewed on a rolling basis.   Project selection is a two-stage process:  The Capstone Committee provides an initial assessment of project “fit” with the program; approved applications are then presented to the Executive MBA teams, who make the final selection.

Purpose of RIT EMBA Capstone Projects

The purpose of the EMBA Capstone Project is twofold:

  1. To provide students in the Executive MBA program with an authentic business problem or opportunity for analysis and recommendations.  This business consulting experience allows Executive MBA students to apply their skills and experience by identifying relevant issues, analyzing alternatives, and making recommendations.
  2. To support local businesses by offering the consulting services of a team of three/four talented managers who combine their business experience with the lessons learned during their Executive MBA studies  This assistance benefits client organizations by contributing to improved strategies and enhanced operational effectiveness.

Client Selection Criteria

Following are the criteria for selecting Capstone Projects for consideration:

  1. The business problem or development opportunity described in the Capstone proposal must be challenging to an experienced manager and must also draw on the skills and knowledge acquired by students during the Executive MBA program.
  2. The scope of the project must allow it to be realistically completed within the Capstone Project six-month time frame and must match the skills and capabilities of the consulting team.
  3. The organization must designate (a) an Executive-level project champion who can manage the Capstone client’s internal resources required to complete the project; and (b) a key contact person who will serve as the primary day-to-day interface with the consulting team.
  4. The organization must share internal financial, product, and market data required for project completion.


Following are the student Capstone Project deliverables to the client organization

  1. A thorough, professionally written report with detailed analyses and specific recommendations.  The document will include problem definition, substantial fact-based analysis, recommendations, and implementation suggestions.
  2. A team presentation to the client of the team's project findings, including thorough discussion and any needed follow-up.  This presentation is attended by the team's faculty mentor.
  3. A faculty member will request from Capstone clients a short written assessment of the team work and input to the team’s grade for the Capstone Project.

Saunders Consulting and Company Projects

Some company projects are deemed less suitable as Executive MBA Capstone projects, but may still be a good fit for one or more Saunders classes or programs (e.g., Field Experience in Business Consulting, Marketing Class, etc.)  Learn more about Saunders Consulting and Company Projects.