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About the Saunders Executive MBA Program

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The Executive MBA program is designed for professionals who have a minimum of six years work experience. This allows for learning not only from the faculty but from each other within the classroom and team experiences. The foundation courses (finance, accounting, statistics, marketing, leadership, and economics) are covered in the first half of the program while the second half focused on building strategic skills through courses such as branding/new product commercialization, technology management, IT and supply chain management, international business, and negotiations. Below are some highlights:


The business world is ever changing and you need to think creatively to stay ahead of the competition. The EMBA experience will teach you to solve a problem from the customer's viewpoint, build a financial model that will save your business dollars, and understand technology adoption curves. You will learn how to size up a business problem, look at it from a variety of perspectives, develop solutions that are "outside the box" and lead the change initiative.

Innovation is woven into all the courses within the Executive MBA program. We believe it is a critical skill to have in today's business world whether it is in finance, economics, marketing, information technology, or international business.


Collaborative teamwork is a hallmark of our EMBA program. During your EMBA Program orientation, after a personality profile assessment, you will be assigned to a diverse student team of three to four individuals, who you will remain with throughout the program.

Team members in our EMBA program share interdisciplinary and cross organizational perspectives, offer opportunities for leadership and peer feedback and serve as a support network for their colleagues. Being a member of a study team will help you balance the competitive demands of the program, your job and your family.

Saunders College of Business Executive MBA students learn by the sharing of information in the classroom. During debates and classroom discussions, you will learn about the problems others have faced in their organizations and how they dealt with similar problems. While the learning is intense, the interaction with fellow students is more collegial and collaborative than competitive.


"Personalized leadership development is a cornerstone of the EMBA program at Saunders. Through a 360-assessment you will receive feedback on your leadership style compared to others that you work with. Through coursework and personalized coaching, you will develop a customized plan for leadership growth that will strengthen your skills. On-going individual counseling sessions are included in your leadership development plan."


The business world has become smaller. The ability to conduct business internationally is a requirement for most companies today. The Saunders EMBA program weaves globalization throughout the curriculum. There is a particular focus near the end of the program on international business.

The culmination of this learning is an international trip. As part of the Executive MBA program, you will participate in a one-week international study trip. Locations for previous classes have included Canada, Eastern Europe, and China. The exact location is determined for each class based on global locations that are focused on innovation and technology.

Strategic Thinking

The Saunders EMBA teaches you to think about your company externally as well as internally. You’ll learn to understand the competitive landscape, external factors within your control and outside of your control, and analyze the functions within any business. Internally, you will understand how to analyze your value chain, core assets, intellectual property, and how to implement a balanced scorecard. All of this allows you to build the strategic plan for you and your company to succeed.