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New Business Analytics Lab, Coming Fall 2017
Saunders Computer Labs
Saunders Computer Labs
Space for Study and Lounging
Technology Integrations

Saunders College of Business is equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs and active-learning classrooms, features integrated technology throughout the building, is part of one of the most wired campuses in the nation at RIT, and is home to several study spaces for students to work in groups or individually.

Please visit our Lab Portal, to see Saunders lab schedules, useful information regarding software, recommended specifications for laptops, and other useful links.

Business Analytics Lab

Constructed in Summer 2016, the Business Analytics Lab was constructed to house Saunders Bloomberg Financial Markets technology, where students can gain real-world business, finance and macroeconometrics experience in the classroom. Sixteen work stations provide students access to the same information and technology relied on by financial professionals globally, and gain an edge in the competitive job market.

The Lab features a collaborative workspace with free-floating desks and screens to facilitate hands-on group work. Screens mounted around the room provide instructional aide, and a circular stock ticker displays market coverage and stock quotes.


  • 12 computer workstations with Bloomberg Financial Markets software
  • Wireless sharing to promote collaboration and guide instruction
  • Movable free-standing desks to facilitate collaboration and group work
  • S&P 100 Index stock market ticker
Business Analytics LabBusiness Analytics Lab

REDCOM Active Learning Collaboratory

An active learning classroom supports an interactive learning experience. In Saunders's Active Learning Collaboratory, learning activities are student-center and supported through a combination of digital and traditional displays with multiple lines of sight for visual presentation, easily configurable desk arrangements for team work or classroom presentation, and information sharing within and across students and teams. College initiatives that are supported by this facility are: The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2, Global Lab, case-based learning, and interdisciplinary capstone projects.


  • Cisco telepresence
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Modular, reconfigurable layout
  • Self-contained pods designed for collaboration, with four individual computer hookups to allow for group use of monitors
REDCOM Active Learning CollaboratoryBusiness Analytics Lab

Saunders First Floor Computer Lab

Saunders first floor computer lab is open for use from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily. Equipped with 30 computer work stations, each computer has been updated with the latest software releases and features a web cam. Printing is free from lab computers for all Saunders students.


  • 30 computer stations
  • Windows 10, Adobe Creative Suite, Minitab, Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAP, and more
  • Projector and instructor station optimized for classroom instruction

Saunders Third Floor Computer Lab

Located on the third floor, the Saunders computer lab features 38 computer work stations for students, and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Classroom instruction is made easy through the instructor stations that's connected to two projectors. All the computers are up-to-date with the latest software releases and students can easily print to the labs printers at no cost.

  • 38 computer stations
  • Windows 10, Adobe Creative Suite, Minitab, Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAP, and more
  • 2 projectors and instructor station optimized for classroom instruction

Computer Recommendations

A computer purchase is not required to attend Saunders College of Business. However, if you do want to bring your own, visit Saunders Student Lab Portal for recommendations to think about before purchasing.

Student Study Center

A dedicated study lounge for graduate and undergraduate students available 24 hours a day. Quiet and closed-off from the bustling Atrium, the study center features comfortable lounge chairs, private desks and computers up-to-date with the latest software specific for tutoring sessions.

Lobby & Zutes Atrium

Lowenthal Hall front lobby contains plush lounge chairs and tables for studying between classes. The Artium features tables and chairs conducive to team work and group projects.

Studying in the AtriumStudy spaces allow for group work and collaboration

Technology Integrations

Saunders Virtual Labs

The Saunders Virtual Labs (SVL) are a set of computers within a server environment that Saunders students can remotely connect to using a PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet or even a smart phone.  The SVL is available to all Saunders students 24 hours a day, seven days a week allowing for access to key software without having to travel.  The SVL can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a broadband connection or greater.

Please visit the Saunders Virtual Labs page to for access, or for more information.

QR codes

Each classroom and all faculty offices feature a QR code affixed outside the door. Students can quickly scan the code outside a classroom to access classroom schedules and room reservations. By scanning the code outside faculty offices, students can find out specific office hours and contact information.

iPads in Student Services

Sharing a campus with NTID, Saunders College strives to provide seamless access services to all students. The Office of Student Services features iPads for accessible communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Students can sign in and communicate via "chat" with office staff instantly.

Atrium Displays

The large Atrium of Lowenthal Hall, home to Saunders College, features three display screens that bring information to the students. One screen streams business news television and current events, while the other screens share information about programs and events students might find interest. Find out how students can share information on the atrium screens by visiting the Student Club and Organizations page.