Saunders Student Consulting

As a business executive, are you asking yourself, "How do I":

  • Open new markets?
  • Expand existing markets?
  • Determine the feasibility of new products?
  • Understand what our competition is doing?
  • Commercialize our new ideas?
  • Build financially sound business cases?
  • Build financially sound business cases?
  • Perform Due Diligence for Acquisitions?
  • Streamline our operations?
  • Attract and evaluate new employees?
  • Tap into the resources of RIT?

RIT's Saunders Student Consulting Group can help you develop answers to these issues.

Saunders Student Consulting (SSC) employs talented MBA students who are approximately midway through their program and places them on client engagements under the supervision of a faculty mentor.  Past clients have run the gamut from large, multi-national corporations through single person startups.  Past projects have included market opportunity analyses for new products, customer research, competitive analysis, etc.  Depending on client needs and staffing, other project definitions can be considered.

Unlike other Saunders College offerings for clients, SSC works independently of the academic calendar and specific class requirements.  Therefore, we can take on a wider range of projects than can be done in a class and we can start projects at any time. In fact, where necessary, we can reach into other Colleges at RIT to bring in students with expertise in the wide range of disciplines offered at RIT.

There is a nominal fee for SSC services.

For more information please contact:

Dave Laluk, Program Manager, at 585-748-6297 or at


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