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Field Experience in Business Consulting

This course engages students in solving real-world business problems through working as consultants in a business consulting environment. Teams of 3-to-5 students, a mix of both MBA and upper class undergraduates, are assigned projects based on company requirements and student interests and skill sets.  Project duration is one academic semester, or 16 weeks.

All selected projects require that teams work with the client to agree on a set of expected outcomes, deliverables and a Statement of Work defining the project scope; teams collect, analyze, and synthesize data; apply interpersonal knowledge and skills in teams and with clients; and deliver a final briefing and written report to the client.

Consideration will be given to a wide range of business projects including running formal market research on products and services, and market opportunity analysis, to market and product strategic planning, product commercialization, and business plans. Both secondary (assessment of existing information) and primary (e.g. on-line surveys, focus groups, a series of interviews) research methods may be used.

Client Responsibilities

In our experience, the most successful projects are those where clients are active participants in the project. While the team does the heavy lifting, so to speak, clients must be willing to engage with students, provide access to employees when appropriate, and be responsive to team inquiries. The following guidelines ensure a successful outcome:

For more information, please contact Les Moore, (585-475-6966). To submit a proposal for a company project, please complete our Field Experience in Business Consulting Application and send to Les Moore by email,